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Saif Curtains Dubai, a venture of Saif Al Imran Trading, is the supplier of the top-most quality curtains in the UAE. Based in the Dragon Mart, we have been supplying the best window blinds and curtains in Dubai for the last few years. We have an upstanding team full of hardworking sellers, designers, and managers - ready to take care of you fully. Whether you're moving into a new house or simply looking to redecorate, we can help you find the best Blinds and Curtains in Dubai for your lovely home.

Alongside the local language, all of our helpers speak fluent English, and hence there'll be no language barrier. You can communicate with our workers better to inquire about the material and quality of the products and they'll gladly oblige. You can find the complete details of the home appointments on our website. If needed, you can also make the appointments by coming to the store or by calling/mailing us.

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Luxury Curtains Shop in Dubai, UAE

Our shop is located in Dragon Mart, Dubai and you can receive our services in all emirates of United Arab Emirates exclusively. Saif Curtains Dubai is known for not only the best quality curtains and blinds - but also for the best home services. You can request installation services after buying the products.

In that case, we'll send a team to the house to set up the blinds or curtains throughout the rooms. Additionally, we'll teach you the mechanics of complex set-ups like motorized or electric blinds and curtains. And you can also call us for fixing technical issues later on. Here at Saif Curtains, we aspire to win our customer's hearts by providing homely services in a professional manner.

Curtains Shop in Dubai, UAE
Buy Blinds and Curtains in Dubai

Buy Blinds and Curtains in Dubai

We specialize in all types of window blinds and curtains, both ready-made and customized. Our store is renowned for the best blinds and curtains in Dubai and we provide personalized services for residential and rental spaces upon request. And unlike the contemporary stores, you don't have to have a heavy wallet to shop at our store. We harbor just as many affordable options as we do expensive ones

The choice is yours if you want to settle for low-cost window blinds and curtains. Either way, we can promise you you'll receive the best quality products in that specific price range. All of our products are always authenticated beforehand by our in-house curtain experts and designers. Hence, cheap price or not, you'll be leaving with some long-lasting curtains and blinds from our store, that's for sure.

Why choose Saif Curtains Dubai

Still looking through hundreds of online pages, not being able to decide on the perfect blinds for your residence? Trust us when we say that Saif Curtains can help you work through the dilemma in practically no time at all.


Free Consultations & Visit

You can also get an idea of the estimated costs and design. Submit a request for a quote for the products you want to check out if you don't have the time for a visit to the store.


Diverse Collections

You can choose from at least & different types of curtains and blinds from our shop. You can get more options and combinations with the customized versions.


Best Quality Fabric

We use only the best quality fabric for our curtains and blinds. We have a dedicated team of designers who go through all of the shipments extensively for fabric flaws.


Post-Delivery Solutions

Many clients often have issues with the placement of the curtains after getting them. You can ask for post-delivery solutions from us if you're going through similar problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we offer our services in Dubai only?

No, our services aren't limited to Dubai residents only. Our service areas include all emirates in the UAE. Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah - you can get the best curtains in UAE in all of these locations.

Will Saif Curtains Dubai provide online consultations?

Well, our official website does provide clients with the opportunity to go for online consultations in advance. However, sometimes, we may have to ask for additional information or pictures to get a proper idea for customization.

Where to buy luxurious curtains in Dubai?

If you're looking to buy luxurious window blinds and curtains in Dubai, you should drop by the Saif Curtains Dubai store! Our store is located in the heart of Dubai - the Dragon Mart area. From providing traditional and modern-day styled curtains to customized electric blinds and curtains - Saif Curtains can cater to all your redecorating needs and emergencies.

How much do we charge for custom-made curtains?

Our in-house artisans can deliver top-of-the-line customized curtains for home & company purposes. Generally, we charge higher than normal for customized products, especially motorized blinds and curtains. Nonetheless, the price is never fixed as there are lots of variables including material, purpose, stitching style, design, quantity, breadth, width, height, etc. of the curtains.

But don't worry. Our designers will prepare the estimated cost beforehand so you can decide accordingly. So, if you want us to process customized window blinds & curtains, do contact us with the required info to receive the proper quote!